A Quick Look at Warrior Graveyard Slots

Despite Nolimit City’s extensive library of blinds, few have the same impact as Barbarian Fury. Brilliantly combining features and gameplay in a very dramatic setting, the game was an instant hit with gamers. The development team expanded on what made Barbarian Fury so popular in order to make the terrifying Warrior Graveyard. Warrior Graveyard has more expansive possibilities and some novel techniques in addition to some genuinely heroic feature purchase options.

Warrior Graveyard is more somber than Barbarian Fury, which focused on fighting. The less-heralded stories of those who lost that day and wound up in a box after being chopped down by the victor’s axe. While members of some warrior cultures may hold that there is no greater honor than to perish in combat, most modern people would likely disagree. As a result, the icy blue-grey color scheme of Warrior Graveyard’s scenario might be harder to fall for than the warmer tones of Barbarian Fury. A 6-reel, 25-payline grid is surrounded by chains, rails, and graves, while a disturbing music echoes in the backdrop.

Bets on Warrior Graveyard may range from 25 percent to $100 every spin, and the game can be played on any device. One helpful slot maker is Nolimit City, which gives players all they need to know about a slot machine before they ever play it. One method is to highlight the currently high volatility right there on the home screen. The second crucial statistic is the RTP, which is decent at 96.16% by default. However, certain service providers may reduce it to 94.14%, so be sure you’re playing the greatest version before venturing into the graveyard.

The 10 pay symbols in Warrior Graveyard range from low-paying single-position icons to high-paying full-reel premiums. Down in the bottom, we have hammers, axes, helms, shields, and swords that may double a six-coin wager by three. The following five grim corpses in black, blue, green, brown, and red tones buried in their war gear are worth 3.3x to 6x the bet for six of a type.

Warrior’s Grave Feature-Rich Slot

Warrior Graveyard is quite similar to Barbarian Fury, however it has several significant improvements. xNudge Tombstone Wilds, which occur on reels 2-5, are the first of our special features. When they just half cover the reel, we gently push them so that they do. A person’s multiplier is increased by one every time they are nudged. If several wilds appear, the maximum multiplier increases to x12, resulting in 1,800x payouts.

In the Warrior Attack mode, Warrior Graveyard expands upon the xNudge idea. This one takes place when three identical premium symbols appear on the screen, whether completely or partially. If they’re only partially visible, like the Tombstone Wilds, getting them fully visible increases their win multiplier by 1. When all are in view, the reels on the far left are used to determine a winning combination. It is also possible for xNudge Tombstone Wilds to coexist.

Warrior Graveyard, like other Nolimit slots, has a free spins bonus game with two progressively more terrifying variations. The second option is Graveyard Spins, which awards 8, 10, or 12 free games when 3, 4, or 5 scatters appear. Each nudging of a Tombstone Wild during Graveyard Spins increases the win multiplier by 1. Between rounds, the multiplier does not reset.

When 6 Scatters appear, you’ll activate the second bonus, Death Spins. Here, you’ll receive 14 free spins with a win multiplier of x1 that increases as Tombstone Wilds appear. Tombstone Wilds, on the other hand, cannot be moved during this round. Although any scatter wins an extra free spin, neither bonus game may be retriggered.

Nolimit City has included a bonus buy option in cases where both free spins games are offered. If you’re willing to spend 72x your wager, you’ll trigger Graveyard Spins, and if you’re willing to spend 666x your bet, you’ll trigger Death Spins.

Judgment of the Slot in the War Memorial

The attitude, theme presentation, and gameplay in Barbarian Fury hit me over the head like a sledgehammer, but in a positive manner. Although it may take some time to get used to, Warrior Graveyard is even better than the original. Early in the testing process, there was an extended period of almost nothing happening, and the whole tone and ambiance were deeply unsettling. Once the players settled into a rhythm, the game changed dramatically, bringing with it unexpected sensations. It was during the Warrior Attack section that suspicions initially arose. One of those brilliant ideas that looks apparent in retrospect is the placement of the premium symbols against the leftmost reel.

From there on out, the situation just worsens. As expected, xNudges’ efficacy held up, and the two extra games added even more variety. They may not activate immediately, so if you’re feeling risky and want to speed up the process, you can always use the feature purchase, if it’s an option in your region. In comparison to Deadwood’s iconic 750x price tag for Shoot Out Free Spins, the big all-in option of Death Spins might not be nearly as risky. Still, it’s contentious and requires guts to activate, so that can’t be denied. Wins of up to 9,797 times the initial wager are now attainable, which is greater than the first slot but kind of has to be in subsequent spins.

Warrior Graveyard, as previously said, may not immediately grab you as Barbarian Fury’s savage onslaught does. Warrior Graveyard’s appeal may require a few more spins than usual before it becomes obvious because of the game’s theme, which is so closely tied to death (and glory). Once you’re sucked in, though, Warrior Graveyard delivers some fantastic gameplay, and rising to the challenge is every bit as much of a wall of protection as its forerunner. Both are emotional, unpredictable machines that can be challenging to overcome but provide immense gratification when accomplished.






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